Comsquared Systems, Inc.
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We are excited to announce that we have changed our company name to Milner Technologies, Inc.

Our new name reflects the significant advancement in our business activities, since we first began operations as Comsquared Systems in 1979. Our company has evolved and grown along with its customers and technology. The name change better reflects the considerable products offered today and links us to the other lines of business in the Milner organization.
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Document Imaging and Workflow Solutions
Comsquared Systems provides solutions that help you manage and gain true value from your business content by connecting it with your people and processes. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, we design and implement document centric business process automation solutions in the areas of Payment Processing, Case Management, Physician Order Management, and Enterprise Content Management using our Active Remittance™, ECR Vault™, ImageDirector™ and UNISearch® software suites.

Check Processing
Active Remittance automates payment posting and bank deposit preparation using the latest payment processing techniques..

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Health Care Document Management
ImageDirector Rx automates, streamlines, and decentralizes much of the manual order process...
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Solutions designed for Electric Cooperatives and Utilities. Nobody does more business with coops than Comsquared.

Eye Care Records Management
ECR Vault takes industry leading document management software and combines it with the power of your OfficeMate and ExamWRITER solutions allowing ... Learn More

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