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"Document printing and copying are often mistakenly viewed as static or legacy work processes. However, new printing technologies and applications are providing ways for companies to improve customer communications, cut spending and streamline business process."

- Peter Grant, et. al., The Gartner Group


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Make your Multifunction Printer (MFP) Smarter.

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ImageDirector™ is a complete document imaging solution that allows you to CLASSIFY, INDEX and RETRIEVE all of your documents, electronically!

ImageDirector works with your multifunction printer, making it more intelligent.  It scans, indexes and archives all your documents so they can be easily located and shared by all.  It takes all those pieces of paper that flow across all the desks in your company and turns them into intellectual capital that can be used by your staff and customers.  And it does it all easily, as part of the copy process.

Businesses create and handle thousands of documents a month, making old methods of filing and handling paper obsolete.  Yet, few small and medium businesses can afford a sophisticated document management system, even though it could help them:

  • Streamline workflow
  • Increase productivity
  • Transform documents into knowledge that can be shared across the business.

ImageDirector fills this gap, by providing the functionality of more cumbersome and expensive systems in an application designed for business users.


Your multifunction printer already has a scanning capability.  ImageDirector adds to its functionality with OCR—it captures words from the document so you can find it later using keyword search.  And it’s all done from an intuitive touch-screen interface - you choose the number of copies and check to place the document into the archive, electronically, so it can be found and shared whenever needed. 

ImageDirector’s touch-screen control makes indexing simple.  Common classifications are preset, making indexing is as easy as the touch of a button.  ImageDirector automatically tags and stores the documents so they can be used over and over. 

Eliminate the time wasted and frustration associated with finding old paper files.  ImageDirector makes locating any kind of file quick and easy, from your desktop or through a convenient web based system.  Look up documents using key words or indexes, then share them across your company, the country, or the world, using email, fax, print or export to storage media (cds, flash sticks, etc.)